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General Interface Developer Wiki

Getting Started

For developer's that want to experience the capabilities of GI and get started quickly, use the topics in this section to create your first application quickly. For more in-depth topics, see the Tutorials section below.


The tutorials in this section are designed to provide an in-depth example of how GI can be used to build feature rich applications for the web. The topics are designed to take a new developer from working with the GI Builder through to a fully functional example application.

Code Snippets Library

In this section, developers are encouraged to submit documented code snippets of their code that can be openly reused by other developers. This allows the GI developer community to make development easier and faster for the other developers that want to use GI.


This section describes common techniques that can be used for debugging applications written in the GI environment.

Tips and Tricks

This section contains a collection of tips from the various users of the GI environment and are intended as examples to aid developers in quickly finding solutions to common issues and uses.


Troubleshooting any IDE can be a difficult issue. This are contains topics related to issues in using the GI Builder or environment.

Sample Applications

As developers, we are always creating test applications to check out features. This section provides an area to post sample applications that show how to use various features of the GI environment.

New Release Feature Examples

As new versions of GI are released, examples of the new or enhanced features will be posted in this section.

Other Resources

This section contains links to other resources for GI developers.

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  1. Aug 10, 2010

    Rick Lyman says:

    (from re: "The ...

    (from re: "The box-sizing style will allow us to let us do liquid layout without performing all the calculations to determine width minus padding, border and margin. We have a working prototype already"

    Is the prototype code available for inspection?