General Interface is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation


Welcome to the GI Open Source Project Home Page

GI is an open source project and we could use your help. There are a number of ways to get involved including:

  • Helping out other users by answering questions on the Forums
  • Submitting bug reports and test cases in JIRA
  • Contributing code patches to fix bugs and add new features
The following sections describe the tools that comprise the open source project platform.

Source Code

GI is open source. That means you can download the source code and modify it in almost any way you want. The GI team uses Subversion for source control. For more information on Subversion read the book.

Source Code Intelligence

We have deployed the fabulous source code intelligence tool FishEye to give you all sorts of insight into the code, including recent changes, branch history and code metrics. Visit our Fisheye Repository.

Bug Tracking

The GI team uses JIRA for tracking bugs and feature requests. All bug reports are public and can be viewed at There you can see what bugs are fixed and track closed issues. To file bugs, or request new features you will need to create a community account.

If you think you have identified a bug in GI follow this process:

  1. Search JIRA to find similar issues that might have already been reported. If you find similar bugs make sure that they are reported against the same version you are using. If you can add any additional details or test cases, add comments or attachments to the report. Voting for the existing bug will help us prioritize fixes.
  2. If no existing bug is found, create a new one that includes all detailed steps necessary to reproduce the issue. Attach any relevant screen shots or project files to the bug report. Make sure that the Affects Version and Browser fields are correct.
  3. If the bug report started out as a thread on the forums, post a new message to the thread with a link to the bug report. Feel free to encourage others to vote for it.
  4. If you can provide a patch, please follow the guidelines below and make sure to sign a CLA and provide your full name in the comment field when attaching the patch to the ticket.

Nightly Builds and Build Reports

You can always check out the code from Subversion and create a build using the build tools. To save you a step we automatically create builds on a daily basis and post them for you to download and test.

Planning & Roadmap

The GI team does all its planning out in the open. Here are the home pages for the various versions of GI in development.


Most user support, roadmap discussion, and feature ideas come from the forums. Once you've registered for an account, you can begin to get involved. Helping others is great way to give something back, and the forums are the easiest place to get started. You can find answers to your questions by searching messages in the Discussion Forums, or post a new topic.

Contributing Fixes

If you've gone through the trouble of identifying a bug or writing a test case, you may find it just as easy to also fix the bug.

The easiest way to submit patches to GI is to create diffs and attach them to existing JIRA tickets. This is a straightforward process, but the Dojo Foundation will need a "Contributor's License Agreement" (CLA) on file from you.

Once your CLA has been received, project committers can review and (potentially) merge your changes to fix the bug. To increase the odds that your patch will be merged, keep the following guidelines  in mind.


  • Your patch should be created against the latest version of GI, which you can get from a Subversion checkout
  • All changes should be submitted in "unified diff" format
  • Where appropriate, a test case should accompany any patches in order to verify that the change actually fixes the issue in question

Becoming a Committer

Contributor Communication

Project contributors are encouraged to use the following mediums of communication when discussing the project:

GI users should use the Forums to ask questions rather than the mailing list or IRC.

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