General Interface is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation

Basic Benchmarking Steps

To benchmark your General Interface application in General Interface Performance Profiler, follow these basic steps:

  1. Begin developing your application.
  2. Write benchmark test cases as you develop your application. See Writing Benchmark Tests.
  3. Double-click GIPP_HOME /gipp.html to launch General Interface Performance Profiler.
  4. Type values in the GI, Project, and JS fields or configure General Interface Performance Profiler. See Configuring General Interface Performance Profiler.
  5. Run your test cases. See Running Benchmark Tests.
  6. Export your test results and evaluate the results. See Exporting Test Results.
  7. Modify your application to improve application performance, code, and so on. For more information on improving application performance, see Optimizing Application Performance in General Interface Developer Guide in the General Interface documentation.
  8. Modify your test cases as needed.
  9. Rerun your tests.
  10. Export your test results, compare to your previous test results, and evaluate.
  11. Continue to modify your application and rerun your tests until you are satisfied with your application performance.
  12. As you continue to revise and re-release your application over its lifecycle, compare future performance profiles against previous benchmarks to identify possible regressions.


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