General Interface is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation


Update April 2014
TIBCO Software will no longer be providing commercial support for the TIBCO branded General Interface. Contact TIBCO directly for more information.

While we believe that General Interface as a mature RIA framework will continue to thrive with community support, you may be better served by other well supported and maintained modern framework such as Dojo Toolkit.

Download General Interface 3.9.2 (Debug build)

General Interface includes the GI runtime for deploying GI applications as well as General Interface Builder, the GI integrated development environment (IDE).

Read the release notes for this version.

Pre-Built GI Packages

We build and package GI for you in different flavors to save you time. Choose from one of the packages below or download the source code and make your own customized build.

Flavor Description
Standard Pre-load typical components.
Maximum Load everything up front.
Debug More logging and diagnostics for while you develop your application.
Dojo The standard GI package with Dojo integration** See release notes for support information.
Source Create a custom build with the full source distribution of GI.
Cross-Domain A build of the GI runtime that can be loaded from a different security domain than the GI application. See Using Cross-Domain GI for more information.

Looking for an older version?

These older versions are available: 3.9.1, 3.9, 3.8.1, 3.8.

The Bleeding Edge

To download the latest nightly builds, head to the GI Project page.

While you download...

  • Visit the self-service Learning Center.
  • Learn from experienced users, ask questions and be in the know by signing up for the Forums.

Documentation PDFs (3.9)

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