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Welcome to our self-service Learning Center, the place to browse for information to help you build your Ajax applications. New to GI? Get up and running with the Quickstarts. Experienced with GI? Check out the sample apps, docs and API reference.

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Refer to these online books to help you build better apps.

Look at known bugs, issues, new features & previous Release Notes.

Featured Docs

Look at known bugs, issues, new features & previous Release Notes.

API Reference

Refer to this online help content for descriptions of the GI JavaScript API functions and methods.


GIPP: Use this JavaScript profiling tool for performance testing.

GITAK: Use this test automation kit for integration testing.

Sample Apps & Demos

For helpful examples of GI applications, browse the Sample Apps.
Featured App

GUI Layout, Navigation: Check out these two different application canvases that demonstrate how to layout GI components on application screens.

Other Info

Check out these additional articles from other websites and see what other people are saying about GI.
Also take a look at the user contributed Developer Wiki

For answers to common questions, read the GI FAQs.

Recent blog posts from GI contributors

Title Author Date Posted
Creating Custom Component by extending existing class Darren Hwang Feb 08, 2012
Running GI Builder on Firefox 5 Darren Hwang Jun 27, 2011
Running GI 3.9.0 on Firefox 4 Darren Hwang Apr 01, 2011
Running GI App from file url on Google Chrome Darren Hwang Feb 16, 2011
Displaying the select edit mask with drop down indicator on Matrix column Darren Hwang Jan 19, 2011
Using onBeforeDeserialize and onAfterDeserialize Darren Hwang Jan 18, 2011
Custom Matrix column using column formatter Darren Hwang Jan 18, 2011
GI Build Tools - Creating a Build Optimized for Your App Jesse Costello-Good Apr 26, 2010
GI Build Tools - Introduction and Set Up Jesse Costello-Good Apr 26, 2010
Stopping the repetitious security prompt on Firefox GI Builder Darren Hwang Apr 15, 2010


The Basics 

Video Tutorials

  • Step1: Overview, View Source, Deploying Apps  
  • Step 2: Create a Project, Build a GUI 
  • Step 3: About GI Data Objects 
  • Step 4: Communicate with a Service, Bind Data 
  • Step 5: Scripting App Logic and Events 
  • Step 6: Optimize Performance

My First App

GI Book

Web Development with TIBCO General Interface: Building AJAX Clients for Enterprise SOA

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