General Interface is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation


GI Test Automation Kit provides:

  • Functional, unit and regression testing software for General Interface applications
  • Extensions to Selenium for GI
  • Open Source Apache 2 License

Download General Interface Test Automation Kit 1.0

New in version 1.0:

  • Replay test scripts created with the GI Builder test recorder
  • Updated to Selenium 1.0.3
  • Bug fixes

Try out the latest GITAK, go to SVN

svn co

Recent Forum Posts

Re: Select in matrix
I am trying to use assertJsxTextEqual in my GiTak test case, however it always returns false for a test that should be true. Here is my Test row.
Re: Problems running GITAK on Tomcat - Need web.xml
That error usually comes up when you are trying to launch a GI project but your path is incorrect in the call to start the application.

Make sure the link used to start the application is pathed properly for your tomcat setup.
Re: Simple Failures
It is also interesting to note that I don't get this error when I run the test using IE. Which leads me to suspect that when the specified profile is copied over, the file uri permissions that were granted in the profile are not being copied over. ???
Re: clickJsxStack fails...
Hello, how to address to a field if its name is created dynamically, each time by a form call.
I.e. at the first start tbox at the following tbox_123 etc.
Re: Welcome
very useful tool i must say............
Re: Permission denied for ... to get property Function.caller
My command line is accurate, because otherwise my other test cases would also fail. As you suggest, I believe this is a same-origin policy issue, although I'm not sure why the same do_jsxexecute "Click" event works with IE8, but not with FF.
Re: Gitak still based on Selenium 0.9.2, any plans to catch up
Actually we've released 1.0, but it's based on Selenium 1.0 which is 3 years old now.

Thanks for your interest though.

If I have time I may patch it up to work on IE11, but that's about it.
Re: Need Help on How to open other URLs using GITAK
I think we used JDK 1.6
Re: waitForElementPresent doesn't always work
Try out the latest GITAK by downloading from SVN
Re: Iframe
I forgot to mention I am using Firefox 8.


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  1. Jan 30, 2010

    Howard Bell says:

    Can I strongly suggest before you release a product, you give the install notes ...

    Can I strongly suggest before you release a product, you give the install notes to someone who doesnt use the product every day, and say install that. If you did, you would find they are nearly always lacking in fundamental detail, which means people either abandon the product or spend way too much time trying to find the info they need to get up and running.

    For example, Gitaks install document simply tells you to copy the 'core' directory to the webserver you are using, makes no reference at all of where everything else goes, or how to get started.

    I know documentation is a pain, but no product can really make the grade without it.