General Interface is an open source project hosted by the Dojo Foundation


About General Interface

General Interface is an open source Ajax toolkit and development environment that makes it faster and easier for you to build and deploy web-based applications that have the rich feel and functionality of desktop software. General Interface's server-less architecture means it is flexible for many uses, such as the frontend of an SOA implementation.


Build Faster

General Interface Builder is a visual development tool that makes building Web applications as easy as drag and drop. Builder features a host of visual tools for modeling GUIs, mapping to SOAP and JSON Web services, introspecting objects, debugging JavaScript, and authoring client-side logic. Builder is itself an application powered by the General Interface Framework.


Deploy Faster

General Interface Framework is an Ajax engine – a lean set of JavaScript libraries that load and run completely within the browser. These libraries include classes for rich cross-browser GUI controls, charting, localization, logging and debugging, network communication, XML and SOAP. Framework provides a single API for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, freeing you to focus on application logic.


Learn Faster

General Interface Community includes all the resources you need to be successful when you build your applications. The Community features User forums, documentation, video tutorials, samples, and best practices. Community companion utilities, GIPP and GITAK, will help you create automated tests for your applications.

On the Project page you can download the full source code, report and track bugs, and get involved to make General Interface even better.
TIBCO Software will no longer be providing commercial support for the TIBCO branded General Interface. Contact TIBCO directly for more information.

While we believe that General Interface as a mature RIA framework will continue to thrive with community support, you may be better served by other supported and maintained modern framework such as Dojo Toolkit.

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